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on Strasbourg, Alsace and its region.

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Our services are available seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day, in Haguenau, Strasbourg and its region.
Whether you need a transfer to or from the airport of your choice, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Zurich or Basel-Mulhouse.
We also offer offers adapted to your mobility needs.
Whether it’s an airport transfer, a classic transport, a trip for your company employees, a special event or an excursion, we are at your disposal to provide you with all the information you need.


You have the possibility to pay your driver, by credit card via the electronic payment terminal on board the vehicle or in cash.


For a quality service, Nestor VTC provides you with an experienced driver and a top-of-the-range vehicle.
We always apply fixed rates and we commit ourselves to ensure that your service takes place in the best conditions.

Who are we?

In a time where the travel network is well developed and the means of transport are very varied, travelling can always be difficult. Queues, traffic jams, high prices, delays, safety or comfort… You can receive many problems when moving from one place to another.

 Much more than a trend, private driver services is a mean of transport that seeks to solve all these problems : aim is to offer the best possible customer experience, while maintaining reasonable and attractive prices, even more economical than other means of transport.

 And this is the main objective of our company, to enable all our customers to travel in the best conditions at all levels. Quality of service, comfort, security and money transparency (our prices are fixed) are key elements of our offer. We ensure they are maintained.

 Offering private driver services services that really meet expectations is what led us to create our company. Which of us didn’t have to wait a long time to find a taxi ? Which of us didn’t arrive late for his appointment or had to pay extra fees at the last minute? And it is because we understand your needs and concerns that we have put in place a high quality driver service.

 For a high quality service you wait for, we employ very experienced and highly ethical drivers. We offer a top-of-the-range service and we apply fixed rates that are not easily available elsewhere. We also offer special offers adapted to all needs: classic transfer, airport or station transfer, transport in France, companies, events, excursions…

Phone charger
Water bottle
Wifi on board
Baby seat

Lexus Hybride ES300

incomparable comfort in this hybrid vehicle. You’ll be satisfied by the interior comfort, silence and on-board services.
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